Attack of the Chickens

I am staying at a friends, house sitting while she's away, so I can look after her chickens and Shim Shae the cat.  The chickens are a little scarey, especially if you get up 2 minutes late to let them out.  Ruth was pecking at the hatch door when I went down this morning.  I opened the hatch and let them onto the garden, forgetting that I'd left the kitchen door open.  When I went to get the seed and pellets for them Ruth was in the house pecking away at the cat's bowl.  I tried not to panic and calmly went back outside with the seed and scattered it in the usual places.  Luckily Ruth heard and dashed outside.  I slammed the door shut and locked it for good measure.  I'm not sure if chickens can turn door handles but I wouldn't put anything past this lot.  What freaks me out the most is the way they stand at the back door, just staring. 

Question of the day: Why did the chicken cross the road? To terrorise the chicken sitter.


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