Driftwood at Dad's and D

Short Round and I spent the last two days at my Dad's, having a well earned break.  I thought this week I'd share some of the photos I've taken.  They're in chronological order so you'll get a sense of our holiday without me waffling on too much.  I did buy some beautiful embroidery books, which I'm going to have a good look through tonight.  I'll post about them next week I think, unless something more exciting comes up between now and next Monday.

This weeks square is D.  You'll find the chart below and detailed instructions on this post here 

Short Round and my rock balancing (mine's on the left)

Dad building his stack
Fossil hunting


Driftwood and worm tracks (I always come back with something)

Nap time at Maiden Castle

so cute!


Dorchester's Roman Town House

Spring (and they smelt like it too)

Mosaic.  I want to stitch this.

Hypercaust system

Yarn Bomb!
This week's chart

unblocked example.


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