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I get asked a lot why the shop name is Beaker Button, so I thought I'd tell you all here.  Some of you will already know that I have a degree in archaeology.  When I was a child my Dad used to tell my brother and I stories about history and prehistory and I have very strong memories of the Beaker people (nothing to do with The Muppets!)  I also spent nearly 10 years working at Stonehenge and the Beaker people are thought to have built at least one of the phases of Stonehenge.  So who are the Beaker people I hear you ask?
In my Dad's version they were a prehistoric people, named for the particular pottery beakers they made, who came to England and duffed up the local Neolithic population.  They built burial mounds, took over ancient monuments and generally lived it up until the next lot (the Celts) came over and duffed them up.
Archaeologists, however, think they were a lot more peaceful and that Beaker people integrated well with the local population, helping to build Stonehenge and building Avebury among other things.  The Beaker people are also credited with bring metal to our shores.  I like my Dad's version better, but I always was pretty blood thirsty!

There is a nice little article about Beaker people on the BBC website here.

So that's why Beaker Button.  It's a nod to my archaeological roots
And how did you end up running a wool shop I hear you ask?  That my friends is another story.

This weeks square is B and the chart for it is below.  I'm thinking of expanding the squares to include pictures as well. I'd love suggestions for each letter.  A is for Another Gin and Tonic......

Stonehenge in the snow

Avebury in the snow

Stonehenge sunset

This week's chart.  For detailed instructions see last week's post.

My square, unblocked of course


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