Chorus and C

This week has been a challenging, although interesting week.  I was pondering what to write today and it suddenly hit me the one of the nicer things about this week has been the singing.  I sing all the time, usually to myself or inadvertently to others if I happen to have an ear worm (for those of you who don't know there is a great description of ear worms here, although there are a lot of adverts on the page).  

This week however I was reminded of the power of group singing.  On Tuesday night I had to go to a Wake, for a folky friend.  We spent the evening singing, with some hurried catching up with other friends in between songs.  Although the occasion was sad the hall was filled with the sound of our voices, all singing harmonies.  The sheer noise level was incredible, but with everyone singing together it was also beautiful and joyous and uplifting.  Pearl, who's wake it was, would have loved it.
The whole evening felt like a fitting tribute to a lovely lady.

The second singing sensation I managed to participate in was the Rock Choir, who performed at our WI Spring Council meeting at Portsmouth on Wednesday.  If you get the chance to go and see them I would.  They were inspirational!  You couldn't help sing along with them, and feel happy as you did so.  

So I learnt something this week.  If life is getting to you, and things seem to conspire against you, all you need to do is sing.

This week's letter is C.  The chart is below and there are more detailed instructions on this post here.

I'm adding numbers to the overall blanket design, and each letter or number will be represented by an object or animal.  The objects and animals will form the reverse of the blanket.  That should keep us going for a bit!


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