Sleepy Sheep Mobile and a wander on the beach

It was my Mum's birthday today, so yesterday Short Round, Mum and I headed to Baiter Point in Poole for a picnic and a wander on the beach.  We're borrowing a friend's dog at the moment so she came too.  The sea and sky were very stormy so I managed to take some nice shots of the sea, and birds and shells.  I'd like to turn the shell photo into a felt picture.

This is also the last post for our mini KAL, with instructions on how to put it together.  You've probably guessed from the post title that it's a mobile.  You will need two metal hangers, 75cm ribbon and duct tape.  The pattern and instructions are below.  If you'd like a PDF of the whole pattern including instructions for the mobile it's on Ravelry here

Sleepy Sheep
©Jen Best 2015


I used Petlake Alpaca double knit for sleepy’s body and 3.5mm straight needles.  I used black double knit Adriafil Regina for her legs and 3.5mm double pointed needles. She came out about 10cm long.  You will also need some stuffing, a small length of dark yarn for the face and a yarn needle for sewing up.

MB - make bobble. Knit into the front then the back of the stitch twice (so you have 4 stitches), turn the work, purl the 4 stitches together, turn and slip the purled stitch bundle onto the right needle then continue in pattern.

K2tog - knit two together

Cast on 26 sts.
K2, (MB, K3) to end
K4, (MB, K3) to last 2 sts, MB, K1
Repeat last four rows three more times.
K2tog across row
Cast off
Cast on 16 sts
Starting with knit work 8 rows in stocking stitch
K2tog across row
K2tog across row
Break yarn and thread through last remaining stitches and pull tight. Sew edge seam together. Stuff the head and sew along the back seam.
Sew down the back of the body (the straight seam) and along the bottom. Stuff the body and sew the remaining neck seam (the curved seam). Sew the head to the body at the top of the neck.

Using the light thread make three loops about 1cm long at the top of the back for a tail.  Wrap the yarn round the base of the tail twice and thread the yarn through the body to fasten off.

Ears and face
Using the light thread make three loops about 1cm long at the either side of the head.  Wrap the yarn twice round the base of each ear and thread the yarn through the body to fasten off.
Using the dark thread stitch eyes, a nose and mouth in position as shown in the photo.

Legs (knit 4) in dark yarn
Cast on 4 sts onto 1 double pointed needle.
Knit an I-cord of 10 rows. 
Cast off.

Use the tail to sew the legs in place.

The Mobile
Thread 15cm strips of ribbon through the tops of each of your knitted pieces ready for tying onto the mobile.
Bend one of the heads of the hangers so it faces forwards.  Put the two hangers together so they fit one inside the other, with the head lined up.  Using small strips duct tape, tape the base of the hangers where they cross.  Duct tape the tops together.  Bend the top over so it’s more of a hook.  At this point you could wrap washi tape or pretty ribbon round the whole of the hangers to cover it.  I ran out of time.  Pinch the sides of the hangers together so they for a downward slope.  Tie the sheep and stars on opposite points on the outsie of the mobile and the moon in the middle.  Hang it somewhere bedroomy (yes that is a word, well it is now).  Well done.


  1. Wow...that is one cute little knitted mobile there.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern, I will give it a go
    in the future.


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