Fosbury Hillfort and a walk in the mist

I had my first long walk of the year yesterday.  I'm just starting the Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers Certificate of Achievement in Spinning and I needed to take photos of the woods in winter.  I have to create designer yarns and my theme for them is Fruits of the Forest.  I'm taking inspiration from the woods during the changing seasons.  I keep my horse Archie at Vernham Dean with my best friends horses and she suggested a 6ish mile route to a hillfort called Fosbury, which would take in gorgeous scenery, forest and hills, and some road work.  I invited my Dad and my uncle Simon, who are both avid walkers.  The day before was beautiful, sunny and clear.  Yesterday was dank, misty and cold.  Typical, although usually when my Dad and I try to go for a walk it decides to howl a gale and rain cats, dogs, livestock...
We had a fantastic walk despite or perhaps due to the weather.  It stayed relatively dry, and the views were moody and atmospheric.  I got some great shots for my CoA and I picked up a few bits for the box I'm keeping with samples in.  I love the way lichen glows in the mist, especially against wet wood.  The colours were surprisingly intense, full of depth.
Fosbury was huge, and inhabited by brown cows.  There was a fascinating beach tree, which could have been mistaken for oak if it wasn't for the leaves.  It was covered in carvings which must have dated back centuries.  I've been driving past the hillfort for years and never noticed it!  I would like to point out that the best view of it is as you go down a very steep and twisty road called Conholt hill.  I'm obviously watching the road, not the countryside.  I got to see some very wet sheep as well.  My fingers itched for my spindle!
I've posted a few of the photos below.


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