Designing like a fiend

I've had man flu over the last few days, which means I sit on the sofa and knit or crochet.  I've taken to writing down all my 'patterns' as I go on my smart phone (I've found a nifty little app called Notel!st which means I can email things to myself. Saves me writing and then typing the notes into patterns).  On looking through what I've achieved during my man flu I was pleasantly surprised to find I had untested patterns for a crochet project bag, a knitted project bag and a shawl, which was going to be simple but ended up being a Mensa test in maths.  I also managed to get a jumper pattern written down that has been floating round in my head for months.  I'm really looking forward to seeing if they all work.  I love the fact that I can write patterns in a couple of days from a test swatch.  I'm sure my maths is improving, although I pity the very brave people who have volunteered to test them.  They are real heroes!

I don't have photos yet so here is a photo of the crochet mittens that are in the process of being tested by a very good friend, soon to be one of Beaker Button's new kits.  There is a matching cowl as well!


  1. Hi, what a great app, I must have one, I'm often scratching my head wondering what I actually 'did there'. It was lovely to visit your shop on Friday. I have the Manos sock wound (no tangles!) a pattern chosen and am swatching today. I'm ignoring the nearly finished cardigan, the half made socks and the just cast on cowl!

  2. It's good to have several projects on the go. Keeps your brain healthy!

  3. PS - my blog today has a little about your shop and the yarn I bought there!


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