Buttons for a change

I've been doing lots of knitting patterns in the blog so far, so this time I thought I'd give you all a button pattern.  I've just launched the first Beaker Button mini skein club, which is going great guns, and this pattern is perfect for one of my mini skeins.

The button pattern I've given you is called Simple Yarrell Pendant and a link to the PDF can be found under the photo.

Simple yarrell pendant

Click here for the PDF
last months mini skeins

I also thought you'd like to see some of the yarn bombing hearts I told you about last week, in case you missed them on FaceBook.  These were left on the bridge in Andover for people to take away.  They all had little notes saying Happy valentines.


  1. I love the yarn bombing hearts, such a pretty idea. Good luck with the skein club


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