Spitfire Knitter Easter goodies

The Spitfire knitters were out in force today, to bring a little Easter cheer to Andover.  We've been working hard since our last Viking adventure, on a secret (I'm sorry, but if we told you we'd have to kill you) project for the Autumn.  But we thought we'd take a little time out to make bunnies, chicks and eggs as presents for people.  We hung them on the bridge in Andover, not far from the Vikings (I'm obviously drawn to the place).  They all have little tags urging people to take them home and it was lovely that as we were hanging them up a very nice lady came and took one.  We left our little creations to their fate and went to do all the boring stuff you have to do, like banking.  I did spot a small boy and his Mum (I'm guessing here) having a good look at them all, and hopefully choosing one each, and when I drove past about ten minutes later there were some obvious gaps, so hopefully they are going to good homes.  If you pick one up and find your way to our blog do let us know how our woolly goodies are getting on in the comment box below.  We hope they're behaving themselves and bringing spring!

our little bunnies on parade

zombie bunny and friends

a hanging offence
even the boy was roped in

a spitfire having way to much fun

the very nice lady with her new bunny

egg, yes it is, yes really an egg (there will be a pattern soon)

zombie bunny waiting for a home

all done

Fyberspates bunny

freshly hatched

the one on the left went very quickly


  1. What a wonderful thing for your group to do Jen.
    I hope your lovely creations have found loving homes and your spirit of generosity is appreciated by all. Congratulations Spitfire Knitters for sharing joy with your community!


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