My son,the fibre genius!

I have just had the most amazing experience with Alex.  He has proved himself a dab hand at blending a batt.  He has the most extraordinary eye for colour, as you can see from the blended and spun wool below.  I wish I'd taken a photo of his batt before I began spinning it.  The yarn round my neck has just been spun.  I have since set it with hot water and hung it to dry.  I wanted to spin a single, partly because the finished article is to be felted and partly to see what happens to knitted singles.

I started knitting the ball after dinner and had worked several rows.  As it was his batt I offered to show Alex how to knit it.  He sat down, watched me twice, let me guide him twice, then made his first stitch.  He ran from the room to tell his Dad he'd knitted his first stitch, then cam back for more.  The second stitch he pulled the right hand needle out.  After that he got it, more or less perfectly.  I'm am gobsmacked, incredibly proud, and a little jealous as he wouldn't give me back my knitting.  The next time I'm in the shop I'm bringing him home some wool!


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