Fundraising Fair

I'm having a craft fair at Weyhill on the 14th of August.  I'm starting to get the organisation down and now its the wait to see if anyone will have a stall.  I've booked the hall at least, and got the posters sorted, ready to go up next week.  Its to raise money for Ostomy Lifestyle, who I'm modelling for in November.  Ahh, the joys of having a stoma.

I spent a very happy day researching for my article, A Short History of Dorset Button, which will hopefully be published in Septembers The Knitter.  I ended up at Portland with my Dad, having a float in the sea (does wonders for your back) and taking lots of photos.  I'll post a couple below. 

Archie and I had a mad gallop, making the ponies eat our dust, on Saturday.  I thank god daily for my horse.  It's almost like flying when you go at that speed.  And today we went to see Alex perform in his drama school show.  Lots of singing and dancing and sketches.  He did brilliantly, and is going to make a fantastic comedian.  The whole show was much funnier than I expected, and much more entertaining as well. 

Very busy month.

Mantra for the next two months: just get through till September!


                                                       Horses Arse

                                                       Chesil Bank Boats

                                                       Portland Harbour


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