Stonehenge starscape

I skived last night.  Instead of doing all the work I'd planned I took my camera and my husbands tripod and decanted to Stonehenge.  I spent the next couple of hours taking photos of the sky.  The stars were exceptionally bright.  The light polution from Amesbury and Salisbury gave the photos a sureal glow.  I tried lots of different settings, changing the apeture, ISO and F-stop.  I loved having the tripod, which gave me all the angles I needed to take the constellations I wanted.  I've included some of them below.  What's really amazing is when you zoom in there are lots of red, blue, purple and yellow stars which I had no idea I was taking. 

Wisdom of the Day: Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.
                                              Apache Helicopter flying through the shot




                                                                       The Plough


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