Leafy Cowl


Leafy cowl


©Jen Best 2022

Jen best wearing her leafy cowl
The leaf stitch was inspired by a FaceBook video from Handmade Kat.Kat

You will need: DK yarn in 2 colours. 100g in main colour (mc), 20g in contrast colour (cc). You could use small bits of yarn

approximately 40cm each for the leaf stitches if you wanted a really multicoloured cowl. Yarn needle for sewing in ends.

Tension before blocking: 18 sts x 27 rows in stocking stitch using 3.75mm circular needles. Please bear in mind my natural tension will probably be different from yours. To get a cowl that looks like mine you may need to alter the needles size to get the same size stitches, and therefore the same size garment.

 Cast on 200 sts.

[K1, P1] for round

[P1, K1] for round

Repeat last two rounds - this forms four rows of moss stitch.

Knit 7 rounds

[K9, leaf stitch] for round

Knit 7 rounds

K4, [leaf stitch, K9] for round, ending with k5 instead of K9 on the last repeat.

Repeat pattern once more, then repeat first repeat once - 5 leaf rounds

Knit 2 rounds

Moss stitch four rounds

Cast off in moss stitch

Leaf Stitch - change to cc

Insert the needle into the 5th stitch down (5 rows below the stitch on the left needle) and knit, pulling the new stitch up to the height of the stitches on the needle. Leave the long stitch on the right needle.

Repeat for the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st stitch in the column. Knit the stitch on the needle. Pick up the outside (1st) cc knit stitch and lift it over all the cc stitches (as if you were casting off). Repeat for the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st stitches in turn (one cc stitch left on the right needle). Continue in pattern with the main colour.

I leave tails for each leaf and tie them together once I’ve knitted a mc round. Then I trim the tails to about 15mm and leave them. You could strand the yarn across or weave your tails in if you prefer.

 Make sure to pull the 1st mc stitch tight as you work across the cc stitch at the top of the leaf.

leafy cowl spread out on a stone step



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