I Cord Anklet

This was one of the ideas in the Ideas Gallery of my new book Dorset Button Inspirations. It works up very quickly and would make fabulous Christmas presents. Just saying.

I-cord Anklet

4ply yarn, 2 x 3mm double pointed needles, 25mm Dorset button, safety pin.

Cast on 4 stitchess

Slide the stitches to the opposite end of the needle and knit the row.

Repeat the last row until the I-cord wraps around your ankle twice.

Put 2 stitches onto a safety pin and work the other 2 stitches as a tiny I-cord until it's 4cm long. 

Graft the stitches together with the 2 stitches on the safety pin

Stitch the Dorset button onto the opposite end of the I-cord

Wrap the I-cord around your ankle (or around your neck if your prefer) and do up with the loop over the button. 


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