Wreath Tutorial

Wreath Tutorial

I've been promising this wreath tutorial for a very long time. Hope you all like it.

Finished Wreath

You will need a piece of foam lagging about 1m long. I bought mine from Wicks for about £2.50. Duct tape, preferably in a colour similar to the knitted or crocheted cover you will make, 100g of DK or Aran weight yarn to make the cover, DK yarn for the flowers in different colours, buttons for the flower centres (I used Dorset buttons obviously. For a Dorset button tutorial have a look here), 4mm knitting needles, 4mm crochet hook, scissors and a yarn needle for sewing up.

You can of course make the whole wreath in knitting or crochet, depending on your skills.

Knit or crochet a flat piece of work slightly thinner and about 3/4 of the length of your lagging. I knitted mine in stocking stitch. Leave very long tails for sewing your cover on later.

Bend the lagging into a ring and tape the ends together with duct tape.

Wrap the duct tape at an angle all round the ring, completely covering it. 

Sew the cover round the outside of the ring using the tail. I used whip stitch.

Sew the ends together. You will need to stretch the cover to fit.

It will look something like this.

For the knitted flowers

Make 5 petals
Cast on 3
K1, Kfb, K1
K1, (Kfb) x 2, K1
K2, (Kfb) x 2, K2
K2, (Kfb) x 4, K2
Stocking stitch for eight rows

Leave stitches on a holder. Break yarn leaving a long tail.

When you have 5 petals thread one of the tails through all the stitches on each petal in turn and pull tight. Join petals in the round by threading the tail through the stitches again.

Weave in to secure and trim.
Using the tails stitch the petals together at the edges from the centre for 1cm. Weave in all the other tails and trim.

Finished flower

For the crocheted flowers

Tension isn’t really important for this pattern. Size 4mm crochet hook, dk yarn about 20m.
4 ch, slip stitch into a ring
Round 1: dc 9 times into ch, ss into 1st dc
Round 2: *ch 2, 4tr into next dc, 2ch, ss into next dc*, repeat from * to * four more times making the last ss into the base of the 1st 2ch - 5 petals.


slip stitch into a ring

1 ch

9 dc into the ring

slip stitch into the first dc


4 tr into the first dc
2 ch

slip stitch into next dc

repeat for the next four petals

five petals together

weave tails through the back

finished flower

Sew the buttons into the centre of the flowers and sew them to the wreath where you want them. Make a loop for hanging the wreath and hang it in pride of place. It's up to you how many flowers and where you put them.
Have fun


  1. What a great project and thanks for sharing.
    Too cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Just found this! Off to buy some lagging and duct tape.... love making Dorset buttons! Thank you for sharing


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