My Stash Sorted and J

It's been a while I know. I've been updating (well, completely changing) the website so it's easier for my customers to use (once the kinks are ironed out) and easier for me (once I've learnt how to use it!) The whole process has been a very steep learning curve, what with learning HTML code, what the Google spiders pick up on, how to sort the data I'm putting on the site so it's easy and efficient to use. The bricks and mortar shop has had a makeover too. The shelves are now organised by yarn weight so you can see what you're looking for for your pattern much more easily.

New shop layout

This sorting fever has started to spill over into my personal life. For example I haven't touched my garden in over 2 years. I keep telling myself I'll get out and do something with the great load of weeds, brambles and fruit but each year slipped by without me noticing and the weeds and brambles get bigger and the fruit, well some of that got eaten. This year I've got the brambles under control, I've taken most of the accumulated rubbish to the dump, I've trimmed and tidied the beds and I'm starting to clear the jungle around my tumble down green house. You can even see the lawn!

Photo taken by Short Round this evening.

I'm slowly working my way through the house too. I've just bought a knitting machine for making sock blanks to dye into Beaker Button's new gradient yarn range and I needed a space to put it. It's huge. Far to big to go in the shop, and we don't use the table in the living room so I thought it would work perfectly there. The only problem was the enormous pile of skeins waiting to be catalogued and added to my Ravelry stash. So I spent this morning going through the whole lot and photographing it. I'd forgotten several skeins I had, including a gorgeous skein of Five Moons bought at Wonderwool last year. I now have to add each little treasure to my stash, which I'll do over the next few weeks.

Beautiful Five Moons Diana 4ply

For those of you wondering why I bother think of the fun to be had squishing each skein as I photographed it, wondering what I'd like to make out of it, remembering where I bought it and that rush of pleasure I felt when it first became mine. The other thing about adding your stash to Ravelry is that you have a record of each skein or ball you have, so when you walk into a wool shop like mine you can check what you have and what squishy little wonders in the sale basket will go with it!

Well I've rambled on quite a bit this week. Thank you for reading and I hope it's inspired you to take a look at your stash, finish that gardening chore, sort out a cupboard or relax in the knowledge that you're way more organised than I am and you've already got it covered.

This weeks letter is J. As always detailed instructions are here


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