Eagles and E

I had this weeks post all planned out.  I was going to tell you about rediscovering embroidery and how much pleasure and inspiration it's given me.  However, on Sunday the Hubby, Short Round and I had a very rare day off together, so we decided on a whim to go here.

If you haven't been I'd really recommend going.  The centre is a little shabby, but they're working on a shoe string budget after rescuing the whole site, including all the birds, from destruction.  They are very honest about their financial situation and you can see where they are building new aviaries and improving the place as they go.  We had planned to spend the morning looking at the birds then lunching and walking in the New Forest,but we had such a good time that we stayed all day.  We met several of the fellows below, as well as having a very illuminating talk about reptiles and arachnids (I have never been so close to a tarantula outside of glass; I'm still shaking!).  I did like the corn snake called kellog, and I'm in love with Monty, a Royal Python.

The whole day cost us £55, which included admission, lunch, drinks and souvenirs.  We're looking forward to going back in the summer for another fabulous day out.

This weeks square is E and the chart is at the bottom of the post.  You'll find detailed instructions for completing each square here

Nimble, who we saw fly. He is a Gyr x Saker falcon

Peregrine x lanner falcon and a lanner falcon having a gossip.  We saw Zephyr the Lanner falcon fly 

Cookie the Asian Brown Wood Owl, sitting by us.

Peggy the Caracara.  They are very dog like in their behaviour

Pipsqueak the Siberian Eagle owl, sitting next to us.

Sly the African Hooded Vulture (my favourite).  He sat on the bench next to Short Round just before this photo.

Kojak the American Bald Eagle.  He reminded me of the muppets! 

This month's square

This month's chart


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