How to Yarn Bomb your Car!

It was Yarn Shop Day today, and in true Spitfire Knitters fashion I decided that we'd celebrate by yarn bombing my car.  Let's face it, that particular yarn bomb has just been begging to happen.  So, for those of you who are also that way inclined I've complied a little photographic guide for covering your car with woolly stuff.

You will need:
One car with plenty of space around it.

This is Katy Best by the way.

A whole pile of woolly stuff to play with

Scissors, string and coffee.  Well, fancy fruit tea for me...
A big pile of blankets

Willing helpers/minions (not that I have delusions of grandeur or anything) 
Cover the back of the car with the blankets.  We tied ours on
Using some of your woolly stuff arm knit nets to drape over the front and top of the car

More draping and blanket tying

At this point it's useful to press gang more minions.  Coffee and cake helps persuade them
 After that:
Add bits and pieces to the sides

Both sides for balance but that's optional

Add a tail to the back (not optional)

Knit mouths, crochet flowers, make pom poms and tie them to the nets.  

                   Drive it up around the car park because it's the only place you're allowed to.

Take it all off to go home.  Well, most of it.  I kept the wing mirror Granny squares.
Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported us today, especially those who thought they were just coming to spend money and got roped in to yarn bombing.  And the biggest thanks of all to Heidi and Kay who made the cakes, and Mum for being the General.
P.S. The blankets will go to our local Dogs Trust.  The rest will find it's way to the outside of the shop.  No waste!


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