We are in Make and Craft magazine, making Grindle buttons!

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Just a quickie, to brag very loudly about having a tutorial published in Make and Craft magazine.  I've posted photos and links below.

View image7.JPG in slide showhttp://www.makeandcraft.com/

The tutorial shows you how to make a Grindle button, which are nothing to do with Dorset buttons as far as anyone knows, but are made in a very similar way.  They're great fun and have all sorts of uses, both decorative and practical.  By the way, I met a very nice lady recently from the Lace Society who told me that Tenerife lace is made using the same stitching technique as Dorset buttons.  I'm going to have a jolly good play (I've been reading WW2 books again and it's affecting my vocabulary) and see how many different buttons I can come up with using Tenerife lace techniques.



  1. Ooh well done, how exciting!
    I have nominated you for a Liebster log award, more details on my blog here http://yarnlark.co.uk/nominated-for-a-liebster-award/
    Catherine :-)


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