I had a couple of days off with my son, and so we went to Portland to stay with my Dad.  I love Portland.  Even with bad weather the light down there is beautiful.  Dorset Art Week is happening at the moment and we managed to visit one of the studios with displays.  I'm hoping to have some of the buttons I found there in the shop soon.  Monday was spent wandering round hilltops looking at prehistory (I do like a good bronze age barrow) and climbing inside a Pliosaur in Dorchester, to inspect its digestive workings (I've included a photo below in case you don't believe me).  Dad and I had a lovely walk to Tout quarry, where they do lots of sculpture.  On Tuesday we visited Swanage, via Swanage Railway.  We travelled on a steam train, which I love.  There is something about the smell of a steam train even though I grew up with diesel.  I'd forgotten how interesting Swanage is.  The little free museum, http://www.swanagemuseum.co.uk/, was very well done and I found the most delightful lady with some gorgeous paintings.  I would recommend a visit to see her work if you're down that way.


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