Robin Hood

I've always loved Old Wardour Castle in Wiltshire.  I played there as a child and now I take my child, and I still play.  This weekend Alex and I visited Wardour to see Robin Hood and his Merry Men.  I took my sword and bow and arrows, Alex took his sword, bow and arrow, shield and helmet.  He looked very Norman I have to say, and quite warlike, although he informed me we were Viking marauders.  There wasn't that much difference between Vikings and Normans I suppose.  We spent the day running round the castle having sword fights (where he mostly ran backwards out of reach, slippery little weasel!) and hunting various family members.  We listened to tales of Robin Hood and had a go at archery.  He hit a pigeon (a plastic one I hasten to add) and I shot my arrow though a hoop.  I'm guessing that he would be better able to feed us and I could ward off any attacking hoops!  We hunted outlaws this afternoon and were issued with an official pardon for being former outlaws.  I really enjoy walking round with my sword thrust down the back of my coat, but I think I'll have to make a harness for it for the summer, and then I can add daggers to the front, and somewhere for the arrows to go and a handy hook for my bow...

I think the main reason I love Wardour is because I can be 8 years old again, and my son thinks I'm the best Mum in the world because I die realistically!


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