Making arms

I felt very like Frankenstein today, creating body parts from wadding and calico.  I volunteer at the Museum of Army Flying at Middle Wallop and we're revamping the Royal Flying Corps display.  John and I have been cleaning up the models and redressing them in First World War uniforms, but some of the arms have disintegrated, hence the Frankenstein creating this morning.  When it's all finished I'll post photos.  I have to say I very much enjoyed the wadding.  It comes in a big (and I mean BIG) roll.  I did resist the urge to lie it flat and roll on it, but only just.  When you sew it you can mould it, with judicious use of stitches.  I managed to make the arm look very lifelike, with an elbow and shoulder joint.  Next week we get to attach them!


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