Manos Maxima is a cure for all ills (the Fickle Knitter)

Its been a Bloody awful week.  The rule of threes applied, with my Mum ending up up in hospital, the clutch going on my new car (£455) and my husband being rushed into hospital with chest pains.  So on Thursday I was tearing my hair out and trying to put on a cheerful face for my customers.  And then the Manos Maxima in the most beautiful shades of purple came in, and life was suddenly OK.  I did try to resist, for a good five minutes, but I need a new jumper, especially as I'm still figuring out the heating in the shop.  And if people can see how lovely something looks when its knitted up they are more likely to buy it, so its good advertising.  But what finished my will to resist was how soft and purple it was.  I'm  sucker for purple at the best of times, but when I'm low, and life is hard, and the worry is threatening to overwhelm me I have no power to resist.  So I'm a third of the way through a simple long sleeved stocking stitch jumper, that I'm making up as I go along.  I'm hoping to finish it by next week so I can get on with the Rowan jacket I've been saving up for all this year (which is also purple by the way, one of the reasons I was seduced by such a fiendishly difficult pattern) but I am content at the moment to leave it in favour of my Manos.  Fickle I know, but then aren't most knitters!

Baz is home and OK.  The clutch is fixed, and Mum is home and hopefully on the mend. 


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