Getting there slowly

Its weird not to be at work.  I am enjoying the having to get up to knit though.  I'm getting lots of stock ready for the Museum of Army Flying craft fair on 11th October.  The website is getting there slowly.  I've decided to take my own photos as the Artesano CD hasn't arrived.  The ones I've taken so far look much better than the ones I downloaded from the Artesano website.  I think the file sizes are too small.  I've bought most of the furniture for the studio from Ikea.  Now I just have to keep making stock and this time next month the studio will be open.  Very exciting.

Being right of the day: 'I told you it was going to rain' in response to the torrential downpour we had about 4pm.

I've added some of the yarn which is now on the website.


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