Thursday, 28 February 2013

poorly Alex and knitting alpaca socks

My Poor baby is off sick today, temperature, sore throat etc.  This means we are having a duvet day.  We are currently watching films on TV and he's trying not to whinge.  I'm about to make lunch for us both but I wanted to share my finished alpaca sock.  We started stocking this gorgeous alpaca from Petlake Alpaca's last month and I've enjoyed knitting it so much that it is now my favourite yarn.  I even decided to branch out and design my own sock using it.  It's so soft and smooth and beautiful to work with.  I'm going to knit a smaller size now in brown, then I'm going to play with a Fair Isle sock design.  How brave am I!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fair Trade Mitten Knit

As promised, an update on how our Fair Trade mitten knit went, mostly in photos.  We had a great time (and in true Spitfire Knitter tradition ate far too much cake!).  We made 12 pairs between us on the day and took four home to finish so altogether there were 16 pairs, two of which have sold already.  Helen from Fayre's Fair is donating the money to her chosen Fair Trade charity when they're sold.

Hope you enjoy our selection of photos from the day.

Kaye's first pair (she did two altogether)

Bunny ears!

Hard at work

not so hard at work

Fair trade coffee kept us going

Manos Classica is sooo lovely to work with

Sue's concentration face

Heidi taking a break after finishing her first pair

Our efforts on the day

Kaye and Mum working from each end of the same ball.  Very spaghetti