Sunday, 20 May 2012

Scumble week 3

This week we were joined by two more people.  Elaine shaped her first piece into a bag front.  Helen added more to her cushion and I began filling out the back of my jacket.  Debbie, one of our new people, was content to make a hexagonal Granny Square and marvel at the blissful fun of using natural fibres (she's been forced into using a lot of acrylic lately poor thing.  She was even impressed at how the yarn pulls effortlessly from the centre of the ball).  Sarah started small but has taken hers home so it'll be the size of Belgium in no time.  Can't wait for next week.





Friday, 11 May 2012

Scumble week two

We had our second scumble class last night.  I cannot tell you how liberating it is to do something that is just for me, without having to follow a pattern.  Helen and Elaine seem to be finding it equally liberating.  We are all progressing well, and by the end of the session we had a rough idea what our individual pieces are turning into.  Of course that may change, which is half the fun!




Sunday, 6 May 2012

Milo the lion

Here is the second of the little people.  Milo is a very friendly lion and won't bite, as long as you feed him marshmallows every day and treat him nicely.  For whoever picks him up here is his story.

Milo was a very little lion when he lost his parents.  He wandered off one day, searching for trouble like little lions do, and when he came home his whole pride had gone, leaving all their things behind (not that lions have much obviously, just the odd bit of nicely shaped bone that reminds them of their best hunt, or the small round pebbles they happened to come across while strolling to the river for a drink, that sort of thing).  Milo was terribly upset at losing his parents, and all his friends.  He lay down near his mothers pile of stones and his fathers pile of bones and cried himself to sleep.  When he woke the next morning he still had no idea what he was going to do.  A little lion on his own was in a lot of danger, from predators, and flash floods and elephants that might squash him flat.  He decided that he must find his pride but he had no idea how to look.  At that moment a brightly coloured toucan bird flew down to Milo and asked him what the trouble was.  Milo sobbed and hiccoughed his way through the story of his pride's disappearance and his complete lack of a plan.  The bird, whose name was Drib, told him he must follow his nose, like the hyenas did when hunting.  Milo brightened up a little at having a plan and stopped sniffling, much to Drib's relief.  He sniffed all round the ground and finally found a trail, which smelled like his mother and father and friends.  He thanked Drib for his advice and, choosing a particularly nice bone and a very small, round pebble, set out along the trail with his nose to the ground,in search of his pride.

Friday, 4 May 2012

My first little person - Claude

I made a little person today.  My first.  He had a tag round his neck saying 'please take me home, I'm all yours'.  I left him in the post office.  It was a wrench, more than I was expecting if I'm honest.  I'm curious to know what becomes of him. 
If you are the person who picked him up here is his story.

Once upon a time there was a bear called Claude.  He was a brave and resourceful bear but he had one flaw.  He had fallen in love with the Princess Maud, daughter of the King.  Of course Claude had no chance of ever marrying Princess Maud.  He was a lowly knight, beneath the notice of the Royal family.  This, however, didn't deter him from trying to impress Maud.  He would fight harder than any of the other knights in tournaments.  He would hunt farther than any of the King's best hunters.  He was the fastest and bravest of knights.  At last Princess Maud asked him to tea in her rooms and as she talked to him she realised how much she enjoyed his company.  Unfortunately the King got to hear about Claude's amorous intentions and he summoned him to the Grand Hall of the Palace.  The King couldn't have Claude killed, as it would upset all of his other knights and they might not fight for him anymore.  As he was planning on going to war with the neighbouring country he decided that antagonising his knights was a very bad idea.  Not to mention the fuss that Princess Maud would create if she discovered that her father had killed the person she was falling in love with.  He told Claude that if he wanted to marry Princess Maud he would have to bring the King the horn of a unicorn, from the Forests of Doom.  So Claude kissed Maud goodbye and picked up his pack and went out into the world, in search of the horn of the unicorn. 

Horn of the unicorn idea supplied by Alex Best

Scumble is the greatest fun

We had our first scumble class last night. I thought I'd share the results of our endeavours. There is nothing like having a table full of yarn, and no pattern! Can't wait for next week. Who needs a comfort zone! The problem is I want to play with mine now, and I have proper work to do.