Monday, 16 January 2012

My first Monday Walk - Clarendon Palace

I had a beautiful walk today, and I listened to the birds, but there wern't any flowers to smell. I started from a small lane just outside Pitton (Salisbury) and walked up the hill, through lots of woods, which reminded me very much of Scotland, across some fields and ended up at Clarendon palace. I had great fun talking to the Llamas (yes Llamas!) and wandering around giving my legs a rest. I read all the signs and found them quite interesting. It has a nice historic feel to it. I took the Clarendon Way back to the car, passing though some beautiful woodland. I especially liked one cinder track, with beech woods one side, all light and air and carpets of red brown leaves, and fir woods on the other, which were dark and mysterious with puddles of light here and there. You could imagine Hobbits and Elves walking though them. I stayed for sometime just drinking in the beauty and contrast of it. It would make a lovely walk for us at some point. I ended up coming out into someones driveway because the path wasn't marked private where I'd joined it, and on the map it looked like a foot path. I did about 4.5 miles I've just worked out on Google Earth and felt very peaceful and quite excerised afterwards. I'm looking forward to next Monday when I can trundle off again.   Next timeI'm going to take my camera.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Button Tin Gran

I have an enormous lot of buttons in the shop at the moment.  I'm sorting them into bags to be sold.  This has become a fascination to me, but it was only today I worked out why.  It takes me back to my childhood.  My Gran had two tins full of buttons.  My brother and I, well mainly me, used to spend hours sorting them and playing with them.  We never actually made anything out of them.  We'd sort them into piles, or group them together in colours and sizes and the ones we liked, and the ones we didn't.  So I was talking to Elaine this afternoon, and I looked over and there she was, playing with the buttons.  And she told me that when she was a girl her Gran had a tin full of buttons, which she would spend hours playing with.  It would be interesting to see how many of us crafty types had Gran's with button tins!