Sunday, 26 February 2012

Adrafil yarn man nearly eaten alive

We have a craft club on a Thursday in the shop.  This is one of those clubs that formed because my Mum and her friend Debbie happened to come and craft with me on a Thursday afternnon.  Then Natalia started dropping by, then Hazel, then Bernadette... you get the idea.  I say craft quite deliberately because Mum rarely knits, she makes art batts, and Debbie sometimes knits but she just as often spins, and so on.  We had quite a turn out this Thursday, with Elaine (who usualy only makes Sundays as she works in the week) a welcome addition to the usual crew.  And I did warn the very nice man from Adrafil that Thursday was fine but my craft club would be there in the afternoon.  So he really should have known better.  He came through the door, this tall dishy Italian bloke, with a suitcase full of yarn.  I mean, what did he expect walking into a shop full of women who crave yarn as much as chocolate.  I have to say he handled it all rather well, considering.  And we let him leave with a nice big order so I dare say it was worth it for him.  As he left he whispered to me in a slightly panicky way 'next time I'll make a proper appointment'.  Bless.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Insomnia and Pinterest

I have just discovered pinterest.  A friend at our Thursday crafty club told me about it.  I'm now curled up under the duvet on the sofa, at 1.30 in the morning, with my eyes all gritty, rifling through the internet for interesting and inspiring images to add to my boards.  I was typing up the first world war research but I seem to be doing more harm than good (I typed the same record twice at one point).  Hopefully all the beautiful images I'm finding will make me sleepy and oeacful, so I can go to bed. 

I did manage to put the first lot of Dorset buttons on the website today. This is the 2012 collection, although I have more still to come. I've included some of them below.